I am a vistual artist, graduated in 2006 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Utrecht, with a Bachelor in Autonomous Art with especialty in mixed media. 

I use photography as my medium, combined with drawing, objects, textured papers and vintage images. I love using digital resources and also three dimensional elements in my collages. 

Recently I have discovered the magic of animated graphics and digital collagues, my work keeps growing and expanding as well as becoming more personal and rough-edged. It has been described by many as "Haunting", "dark", "melancholic" and "nostalgic" . For me, my work is a window to a fairy tale, small stories that could be nightmares at times. In any case, my intent is to communicate a feeling trapped in a memory and challenge you to evoque your own as you experience it. 

Feel free to explore the galleries in this website, as well as to visit my online gallery project "All Things Lost on Earth" 


Ana Priscila (aka ATLOE)

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