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Fine Art Mixed Media Photography
-Limbo & Averno- 2021

The Series Limbo and Averno are intended to express how chronical pain is lived and endured, and also how it transitions from one state of the brain to the next. Chronical pain can be physical or emotional, the environment changes the same way and it does not understands the difference. The red element in the different pieces symbolizes this pain, which is in one way or the other, always present, sometimes defeated and sometimes endured, but always there.

Within all my work, the presence of melancholy, desire, undisclosed secrets and inconclusive stories are what move me to create an environment and a language that can speak from that scenery into the Soul of the viewer.


Limbo II became Finalist in the 8th edition of the Fine Art Photography Awards, 2022 in the category of photo-manipulation.

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