If I Were, if I Could
If I Were, If I Could


If I Were, If I Could  (Jan, 2022)

If I Were, If I Could


In this project, the artists Ana Priscila Rodriguez (Mexico/The Netherlands) and Ittai Bar-Joseph (Israel) work together to create a series of photomontages that transform the reality of living in a world controlled by a pandemic into an isolated realm where life collides with their dreams and nightmares. The recurring theme of the blindfolded Wanderer seeks to express a feeling of abandonment, lack of destination, confusion, isolation, and an inherent inability to focus on a clear path or a known future. By detaching the link between landscape and historical context or easily-identified occurrences, and by mixing reality and fairytales, Rodriguez and Bar-Joseph carefully construct images that are designed to generate a disorienting sensation and a constant feeling of uncertainty. This sensation is further emphasized by the mediums selected to create the images - Rodriguez’s haunting self-portraits extracted from video and Bar-Joseph’s high resolution detailed still photographs. All these photographs are presented as a final product in a three minute video, where the concept and visuals become a whole thanks to the genius of Gal Dahan's talent, who has carefully mastered a musical composition combining atmospheric elements with a distressed and yet hauntingly beautiful melody.


In a collaborative overseas work, this group of artists ask a series of questions regarding the meaning of hope while living in atransitional period in history, the place of the Romantic Wanderer in a world stripped of the basic feeling of security,and the lack of direction and purpose.


If I Were, if I Could will premiere at Beit Ariela in Tel Aviv in Tel Aviv on April 1st, 2022 in an event organized by PHOTO IS:RAEL and Goethe-Institut Israel. More information about the event:




Ittai Bar-Joseph




Ana Priscila Rodriguez




Gal Dahan



The Clockmaker, 2018

Book cover for "The Clockmaker" in collaboration with authors Ceri Williams and Andrew B Neary. 2018