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Threads, 2023

Exhibition catalogue made in collaboration with author Ceri Williams. 

POSTER Ana Priscila Rodriguez photo.jpg

Exhibition Altar Dia de Los Muertos with Grupo Tule and Dra. Martha Montero Siburt. 

November 05th, 2022

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If I Were, If I Could  (Jan, 2022)

If I Were, If I Could


In a collaborative overseas work, this group of artists ask a series of questions regarding the meaning of hope while living in atransitional period in history, the place of the Romantic Wanderer in a world stripped of the basic feeling of security,and the lack of direction and purpose.


Read all about this project in here

The Clockmaker, 2018

Book cover for "The Clockmaker" in collaboration with authors Ceri Williams and Andrew B Neary. 2018

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