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Exhibition Altar Dia de Los Muertos with Grupo Tule and Dra. Martha Montero Siburt. 

November 05th, 2022


With the motive of the 10th Aniversary of Carlos Fuentes'passing, I've been asked to participate in dedicating this year Altar for the Day of The Death, to this celebrated writer, who's work has become a strong representative of the Mexican culture, sentiment and identity. My task for this proyect was to design the Altar and I have also produced 3 pieces inspired in the life and work of Fuentes. 

In this proyect I am proudly working with a group of ladies called Grupo Tule, directed by Dr. Martha Montero Siburt, who posseses immense knowledge and understanding of the Mexican tradition from a deep antropological perspective.


Grupo Tule is a group of ladies who have dedicated years of their time and their experties in building a strong sense of identity for the Mexican Comunity here in The Netherlands working to create a new educative system providing tools to the parents that help enhance the Mexican roots and understanding of History and tradition. Read their story in here

The Altar is sponsored and organized by the Mexican Embassy in The Netherlands and it will take place at the Openbaare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (OBA) location  Oosterdok. The Altar will be officially open by Mexican Ambassador H.E. José Antonio Zabalgoitia at 17:30. 

This exhibition will show until Nov. 30th

More info in here:

If I Were, If I Could  (Jan, 2022)

If I Were, If I Could


In a collaborative overseas work, this group of artists ask a series of questions regarding the meaning of hope while living in atransitional period in history, the place of the Romantic Wanderer in a world stripped of the basic feeling of security,and the lack of direction and purpose.


Read all about this project in here

The Clockmaker, 2018

Book cover for "The Clockmaker" in collaboration with authors Ceri Williams and Andrew B Neary. 2018

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