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Collaborations, Interviews & Publications


Early March 2024 I had the opportunity to be invited by  talented artist and good friend Judith Le Roux surrounding the subject of women artistst, our challenges and perspectives.  This chat took place with photography students located in Argentina. We had a beautiful exchange and I look forward to collaborate with Judith again in the future. If you want to listen a fraction of this talk, click here


Recently I had the pleasure to be interviewed by the Magazine/Blog Artistcloseup

Link to the publication:

artist closeup_edited.jpg


End of 2023 and on March 2024 two videos were released as a result of a collaboration work with Sweedish musician Peter Olof Fransson (aka Retep Folo)  and American singer Dorothy Moscowitz (The United States of America, 1960's )  

I had the opportunity to create the images and animations for two of the tracks from his latest album "The Afterlife". Read more about it here


Recently I had the pleasure to be interviewed by this brilliant conceptual artist on his photography blog.

Please have a look at what Marcelo Leonard kindly put together about my work. 

Link to the publication:

Threads, 2023

Exhibition catalogue made in collaboration with author Ceri Williams. 

In August of 2023 I had the opportunity to work again with my dear friend and published author Ceri Williams on a catalogue for my solo exhibition "Threads"at Studio Pulchri in The Hague (see exhibitions on my CV for more) 

The result was a beautifullly printed A4 full color calogue with Ceri's writings and my images.

Her writting was produced without looking at the titles of the works, so her interpretation of the images is pure and genuinly what the image evoqued in her mind. 

We produced a series of 30 books, which were sold at the exhibition. No more exemplars are left but here is a little hint of the result. 


If I Were, If I Could  (Jan, 2022)

If I Were, If I Could


In a collaborative overseas work, this group of artists ask a series of questions regarding the meaning of hope while living in atransitional period in history, the place of the Romantic Wanderer in a world stripped of the basic feeling of security,and the lack of direction and purpose.

The Team: Ittai Bar-Joseph, Gal Dahan and Ana Priscila Rodriguez 


Read all about this project in here

Exhibition Altar Dia de Los Muertos with Grupo Tule and Dra. Martha Montero Siburt. 

November 05th, 2022

More in HERE

The Clockmaker, 2018

Book cover for "The Clockmaker" in collaboration with authors Ceri Williams and Andrew B Neary. 2018

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