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Ana Priscila Rodriguez

Born in Mexico City, 1974. 

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Utrecht (HKU) in 2006 with a specialty in Mixed Media and Photography with background studies in History and Graphic Design. 

She is a member of the STROOM and the Pulchri Studio since 2022. 

Art Concept - Mixed media and Photographic technique

My work, it is all about a long lost past, lost loves, lost faces, images and sensations that are asking for a physical space in this present world, they are asking for colour, shape, texture, taste... they are asking for life. My mission is to provide to these silent stories a voice and a body, allowing them to become a part of my present, visible world, and therefore, providing them from the opportunity to go on in real time, with a new shape and a new purpose. They become eloquent stories and fairytales.

​I discovered the magic of old photographs left behind in flea markets, which I started collecting more than a decade ago and  they soon became one of the most important source of inspiration.  The materials I use can be very diverse.  I create my own conceptual self portrait photography and I transform those images using a variety of techniques and mediums until they lose their contextual shape.  For me, transformation is the real act of creating art.  To be able to transform my reality into a magical realm where real life collides with dreams and nightmares, is what my work is all about. 

My work builds itself on layers of different materials, this is how I have developed my own technique which I call: “faux tintype”, with this technique I aim to recreate the simulation of metallic structure using transparent foil and different chemicals. It is important for me  to create texture and a sense of  "tangibility" to the images. Like small windows to a small story. The result of that story is up to the viewer, it is like filling in the lines but through their experience and sensations. In this way my art becomes a direct line of communication through empathy and imagination.

My work explores images from the past, giving vintage material, through a mixture of digital techniques, a completely new life and energy, all this evoking nostalgic textures and processes. The purpose of my images is to create a relatable shore for the emotional and psychological human experience. Every image is a window to a story using photography as a medium to create visuals attached to a feeling or an emotion.



Honorary Mention by the ND AWARDS, 2022 for the series "Creatues" in the category of conceptual photography. 

GOLD WINNER at the European Photography Awards, 2022 Edition in the category of Fine Art Photography - photomanipulation, for the photo 'Oblivion" from the series "The Anatomy of Love". 

COMMENDED Award for the series "The Anatomy of Love" at the Siena Creative Photo Awards, 2022 in the category of Series. 

Oficial Nominee at the 8th Fine Photography Awards, on the category of  Professional Photomanipulation, 2022 for the series "Limbo and Averno"

Honorary Mention by the Photo Place award contest "Dreams and Imaginings",  Middlebury, Vermont, 2022 for the work "The Weight" from the series "Burdens"

Professional Studies 

2002-2006  Bachelor in Fine Arts. Hoge School voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU)  The Netherlands

Specialty: photography & Intermedia (mixed media)

1994-1998. Bachelor in History. Universidad del Centro Cultural Helenico, Mexico City.

1994-1996. Technical Graphic Design. Instituto de Arte Publicitario y Diseño Grafico, Mexico City.

Certified Courses. 1998-2021 

Cyanotype - Cianotipia : técnica de impresión con luz, by  Fábrica de Texturas, Diseño y producción de libros.

Book binding - Encuadernación sin pliegues de obra gráfica , by Susana Dominguez Martin.

Animation retro - Movimiento retro en After Effects by Joseba Elorza a.k.a. MiraRuido (Ilustrator).

The Development of an Idea. Alma Brevé. 't Oude Raadhuys, Spijkenisse, The Netherlands

Oil Painting Tecnique. Max Geene. 't Oude Raadhuys, Spijkenisse, The Netherlands

Drawing the Human Figure. Heléne Zielstra 't Oude Raadhuys, Spijkenisse, The Netherlands.

Color Pencinl Drawing Technique. Arno Van Yperen, 't Oude Raadhuys, Spijkenisse, The Netherlands.

Ceramic Technique. Yneke de Jong. 't Oude Raadhuys, Spijkenisse, The Netherlands

Potrait Drawing. Gijs Voskuijl, 't Oude Raadhuys, Spijkenisse, The Netherlands.

Seminary in Painting. Lieve Hendriks. HKU, The Netherlands.

Seminary "Sculpture in Stone" I and II Peter van de Loch. HKU, The Netherlands.

Seminary "One square meter"  Herman Lijftog, HKU, The Netherlands.



"The Day of the Dead Altar" in collaboration with Grupo Tule, Dra Martha Montero and the Mexican Embassy at the OBA in Amsterdam. More info in here

"The Anatomy of Love" solo exhibition at the Anita Neve Gallery in Almere, The Netherlands. 

Kunstkamer Vaassen. Autumn Edition, Ter Heerdspad 14, Vaassen. 

"Spotlight" Collective exhibition at the Observatory Gallery in 64 Marchmont Street, LONDON, UK

"Dreams and Imaginings", Photo Place Gallery, Vermont, USA.

Kibbutz Yifat Valley Museum, Galilee, Israel, screening of "If I Were, if I Could


Kunstkamer Vaassen. Autumn Edition, Ter Heerdspad 14, Vaassen. (current)

El Camino a Mictlán - Online exhibition on 

Mexico in Nederland. Movimiento Group. Oranjekerk, Amsterdam 


Kunstkamer Vaassen. Second Edition Ter Heerdstpad 14, Vaassen 


Kunstkamer Vaassen. First Edition . ter Heerdtspad 14, Vaassen (8171 CH),


​Cuatro Artistas Latinoamericanas Contemporaneas" Gallery Ashok, Spuistraat 183b, Amsterdam

Dia de Muertos Exhibition, University of Amsterdam,  faculty of Anthropology and History, Amsterdam.

Artex 2009 Photographic collective exhibition, European Patent Office,  Rijswijk

"Het Moment" , De Pomp, Waarmond

"Voice of Image"  Het Gebouw, Utrecht

Collective exhibition, Het Oude Raadhuijs, Waarmond

"Unborderlined" Gallery Kunstliefde, Utrecht.
"Tijd en Visioenen" Gallery Kunstwerk Westvoorne, Ootsvoorne.

"Fragiel" , Stichting G2A, Goes.

Solo Exhibition. Maasdeltagroep, Hellevoetsluis

Final Exam Exhibition HKU, Utrecht

Duo exhibition with Tim Hupkes. Kunstwerk Westtvoorne. Oostvoorne

"Glimpses", Het Kunstlokaal, Gouda

"Huis ,Boom,Beest" Het Kunstlokaal, Gouda

Collective Annual Exposition 't Oude Raadhuis, Spijkenisse

Collective Annual Exposition 't Oude Raadhuis, Spijkenisse

Collective Annual Exposition 't Oude Raadhuis, Spijkenisse

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