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Fine Art Mixed Media Photography
-Home Sweet Home- 2023

Home Sweet Home is based on the tale of the idealized home we all dreamed to have, or have had, how our society has established everyone should live and experience happiness. The dollhouse symbolizes this childhood innocence and the naïve thought of an absolute satisfactory existence within the perfect family pattern. These images attempt to create an alternative reality to that myth, also within a fantastic realm, but one where the reality of the hardship of life is reflected in adulthood, and the relationship of our wounded and battled grown Soul with that childhood idyllic tale, which may or may not have ever taken place.  “Home Sweet Home” invites to travel through the rabbit hole of our past, stepping on trauma and dark memories, all the way back to the adult self, responsible of their past and their memories, and protector of that life, which is after all how it was meant to be regardless of their imperfection and where resilience, forgiveness and wisdom can finally be reached.

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