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If I Were, If I Could  (Jan, 2022)

If I Were, If I Could


In this project, the artists Ana Priscila Rodriguez (Mexico/The Netherlands) and Ittai Bar-Joseph (Israel) work together to create a series of photomontages that transform the reality of living in a world controlled by a pandemic into an isolated realm where life collides with their dreams and nightmares. The recurring theme of the blindfolded Wanderer seeks to express a feeling of abandonment, lack of destination, confusion, isolation, and an inherent inability to focus on a clear path or a known future. By detaching the link between landscape and historical context or easily-identified occurrences, and by mixing reality and fairytales, Rodriguez and Bar-Joseph carefully construct images that are designed to generate a disorienting sensation and a constant feeling of uncertainty. This sensation is further emphasized by the mediums selected to create the images - Rodriguez’s haunting self-portraits extracted from video and Bar-Joseph’s high resolution detailed still photographs. All these photographs are presented as a final product in a three minute video, where the concept and visuals become a whole thanks to the genius of Gal Dahan's talent, who has carefully mastered a musical composition combining atmospheric elements with a distressed and yet hauntingly beautiful melody.


In a collaborative overseas work, this group of artists ask a series of questions regarding the meaning of hope while living in atransitional period in history, the place of the Romantic Wanderer in a world stripped of the basic feeling of security,and the lack of direction and purpose.


If I Were, if I Could premiered at Beit Ariela in Tel Aviv in Tel Aviv on April 1st, 2022 in an event organized by PHOTO IS:RAEL and Goethe-Institut Israel. Since then, the video has been screened several times and it is set to premier in The Netherlands on the 1st of October at the Pulchri Studio in The Hague. 


Ittai Bar-Joseph


Ana Priscila Rodriguez


Gal Dahan

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The Team

Ittai Bar-Joseph, b. 1972, an Israeli photographer, entrepreneur, and political activist. Holds a BFA in photography from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, class of 1999. Bar-Joseph's work mostly focuses on political-critical exploration of the dynamicsbetween natural, architectural and social structures andlandscapes. Bar-Joseph held a solo exhibition at the
Musrara Gallery in Jerusalem in 2001 and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Israel, Germany and Spain. Bar-Joseph was awarded The America-Israel Cultural Foundation prize in 2000, and is a three-time finalist of the Meitar Award for Excellence in Photography, 2016, 2017 and 2021.

Mobile: +972 (54) 2325212



Ana Priscila Rodriguez is a visual artist specialized in photography and mixed media. Her work explores images from the past, transforming vintage material into a new form of expression. In her photographic work she uses a mixture of digital techniques and processes to create the atmosphere of old paintings. Her distinctive self-portraits are a relatable shore for the emotional and psychological human experience. She is a resident artist of Kunst Vassen Gallery, where her work is available around the year and she is an awarded artist by the Photo Place Gallery Awards in Vermont, USA,  The 8th FAPA (Fine Art Photography Awards,  the Siena Photography Awards 2022 and the European Photography Awards in the category of photomanipulation.



Gal Dahan is an Israeli musician and composer. He has released several singles and participated in collective albums. His very rich and versatile style has allowed him to be a vast source of material for other creators. His music contains influences of jazz and ethnic rhythms which makes his compositions an energetic, deep and emotional experience. His playing achieves a degree of beauty and complexity as he masters guitar in all forms.


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