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Fine Art Mixed Media Photography
-The Anatomy of Love- 2022

This award winning series represent my exploration on the phenomenon of “falling in love” and the irrationality of an infatuation as well as the physical chemical processes the human emotions go through. I find it also fascinating how this phase doesn’t seem to be designed to be ever-lasting, it is like a spark that lights up a longer and deeper flame which stands in rationality and maturity, what we call a deep and truthful, understanding love between two people. However when the process finds itself trapped in the spark before lighting a fire, it may be a long process of detox from the chemicals and high emotions that were looking to ignite a flame but they were killed at the spark. It’s like turning everything off right before any climax. This can become a burden and can be sometimes even traumatic. The spark of love that didn’t get to become a flame… is that still love? This series navigates with that question through the images, trying to convey the passion and the pain with the red color and the darkness and confusion of an unrequited love and the absence of words.

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