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"... I create conceptual self portraits transforming the images through a variety of techniques and mediums until they lose their contextual shape.  For me, Transformation is the ultimate act of creation, it is the essence of the Art making.  To be able to transform my reality into a magical realm where real life collides with dreams and nightmares, is what my work is all about..."

Ana Priscila Rodriguez (aka ATLOE) 




Quick link to project "If I Were, If I Could"

De successful collaboration with artist Ittai Bar-Joseph and Gal Dahan is still being presented this year at the Pulchri Studio, from March until May 2023 at the entry of the premises of this very respected and traditional Artists Association. 

Don't miss it! 

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NEXT IN 2023

As always, the gallery in Vaassen, Kunst Vaassen closes its doors during the winter months but there will be new work exhibited in April/May, I'll be coming also with new series to that space, so keep up with the news in this website or on my social media! 

More info in Events & Exhibitions

 Visit the page EVENTS - EXHIBITIONS for all upcoming shows 


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So proud and happy that my series  "Creatures" were awarded at the ND Photo Awards 2022 with a HONORARY MENTION.  Have a look at the whole series in here

Learn more about the ND Photo Awards and the other winners in here:

To read about my CV and other awards, go to THE ARTIST.

Quick link to project "Creatures of Power"


Quick link to project "If I Were, If I Could"

Visit the Blog section to read / watch about my working process, the concept behind my series, the challenges I face throughout the making of my images and allow me to share with you my technical tips and what I have learned during all my years as a creator.  You just need to click on the button below: 

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