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Fine Art Mixed Media Photography
-The Invisible- 2023

The Invisible describes the transition of Menopause in Women from a social construct point of view.   Today the popular concept of menopause in many cultures depicts a woman who is no longer fertile, productive or needed, neither attractive, nor capable. The truth is that while Menopause is a disruptive period in the life of productive fertile women, it is experienced as the end of a troubled cycle and the beginning of a sterile but hopeful and beautiful period. The stigma of society creates an environment of loss and deprivation for women of certain age while in reality Menopause is only one of the many natural phases of a productive life of every female. These images attempt to portray the real process in the acceptation of Menopause and the discovery a middle age rebirth through a whole physical and mental experience, which embodies a death, yet a new life at the same time.

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